Dennis Basso Coat only $10

I saw this on Ebay, great deal right. Only if I had an ebay account tho.



Stay Classy Under $110

I have created a few outfits for women under $110.

Warehouse scalloped dress, $45
ASOS metal clutch, $26
Fantasy Jewelry Box cubic zirconia stud earrings, $24

Pink silk blouse, $40
Miss Selfridge green jeans, $35
Ballet heels, $16
Pieces stud earrings, $10

Feather top, $9.90
Shorts, $40
BC Footwear flat shoes, $33
Forever 21 fedora hat, $13

Top Ten Fashion Trends (Pictures)

As you may recall I wrote a post about the top 10 fashion trends for spring/summer 2012. Now going along with the 10 trends I have put pictures up. 

1. Head to toe prints. 

2. Floral

summer 2012 fashion trends-floral print-image3

3. Animal prints

4. Neon

5. Pastels

6. Ankle socks

7.  Oversized hats

8. Yellow

9. Lace

10. Crop tops